Take Amazing Portraits, Anywhere

Awaken The Artist Inside You

Create Professional-Looking Photos of People Using Only Natural Light, Without Any Additional Accessories, In Ordinary Locations Around You, And In Any Weather - In Just 1 Day.

Photos That Look Great Straight From The Camera, Without Retouching.

The picture above was taken at my live training in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, under a motorway overpass, using only natural light, in cloudy weather. It's straight from the camera, without retouching.

Model: Laura Patricia

Do You Want To...

  • Take incredible pictures of people anywhere, without complex equipment?

  • Transition from ordinary everyday photos to beautiful, artistic images?


  • Be amazed by your own pictures?

Did You Know That...

Contrary to popular belief, it's NOT about talent. It's about using some very specific techniques. Techniques that anyone can learn and use to take stunning images.

What's More...

You can learn these techniques and start taking incredible portraits yourself, in just 1 day - with a simple 3-step system. Just like all my students do.

3-Step System

"3 Steps to Stunning Portraits" is a revolutionary system that brings together 14 most powerful techniques for people photography  - and structures them into 3 natural steps - allowing any amateur photographer start taking amazing pictures within hours.

Pawel Lipski

World's #1 Daylight Portrait Coach

Pawel is an international photography coach with 30+ years of experience, based in Zurich, Switzerland.


He specialises in people photography in natural light - from travel portraits to photoshoots. 


Pawel has perfected advanced techniques how to use natural light to achieve studio-quality portraits, with no additional equipment, in most ordinary locations, and in any weather.


He has distilled his knowledge into 3 Steps to Stunning Portraits - a simple system that allows anyone to start taking amazing portraits within hours.


Pawel prides himself in taking pictures that look great straight from the camera, without any retouching.

In photography, nothing can replace live face-to-face learning - when someone explains all the nuances of specific techniques in real situations. When someone is looking over your shoulder and immediately corrects any mistakes you make.  

My live trainings around the world are optimised to get my students results in the fastest possible way - with plenty of face-to-face coaching and individual feedback.  

Live Trainings

In these highly effective trainings, you will start taking stunning photos of people in natural light, anywhere, in any weather - within hours. Photos that look great straight from the camera, without retouching.


Practice your people photography skills with face-to-face coaching, in colourful locations with vibrant cultures and highly photogenic people. Often in places where few tourists go.


For people who want 100% individual attention, learning customised to their specific needs, flexible timing and direct access to me anytime. We will work together for 3-4 months, until you get the results you want.


In My Students Words...

Free Live Class

In this FREE live class, you will see how to take amazing photos of people anywhere, in any weather, using only natural light, without any additional equipment.

I will share with you the exact techniques that I use to take my pictures, and 3 essential ingredients of great people photography.